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SWC1550 Active and Passive Driver Vision

SWIR camera for surveillance and defence FULL HD CAMERA, SHORT WAVE INFRARED to look through glass, smoke and fog. SWC1550  is a series of Military HD cameras with an integrated SWIR Sensor. Short Wave Infrared has longer wavelengths then visible to the human eye, hence can travel through mist,...

FU200A Onboard camera thermal fusion thermal...

Embedded camera fusion thermal sensor / CMOS. Night driving assistance camera for military vehicles. The driver can drive vehicles safely with the headlights off or in low light conditions, as driving can immediately react to potential risk by detecting traffic lanes, people and animals on the road.

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

Advanced Driver Vision Enhancer (DVE) and Situational Awareness Systems (SAS) enable the superior, efficient and secure operation of Defense Ground Vehicles while the crew stays safe under hatch.

DVE Front View camera