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Live200- Portable Video Broadcast EncoderTwo creative camera inputsUMB link technologyUp to 5 aggregated connectionsLink video stream up to 10 MbpsLink Server Stream Up to 20 MbitsVideo with large 3.5-inch LCD touch screenAAC audio encoder with built-in HDMI / SDI audio support. Analog audio...

The Arbitrator 360 ° ™ HD Car Digital Video Recording System is the industry leader in image quality and mobile video evidence capture. Its 1080p Full HD front camera offers incredible clarity. The system supports up to five simultaneous recording cameras for a 360 degree view to optimize...

Spy camera kit. Economic professional button. Wifi 3MP full hd. PV-500 NEO BUNDLE LAWMATE.


This tactical NVR is dedicated to mobile video surveillance for police and gendarmerie units. It allows local recording on hard drive as well as remote 4G transmission.

Dual channel rugged airborne recorder.Ideal for flight testing and training, geospatial inspection etc ... Recording on USB stick and / or SD cards. LCD touch screen for reading and configuration.AVC / H.264 compression, designed for high definition video. Recording of GPS data points and...

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items
Digital Video Recorders