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V-ZPT-4 Mecanisme motorisé pan tilt

4-way motorized platform for CCTV camera. Pan and tilt mechanism for Pinholes lenses.

MIB-18HD Analog IP Turret Platform for PTZ...

MIB-18HD is a platform system with IP and analog connection. Has PoE and ONVIF for video and PTZ control, analog video output, Pelco-D via RS485. Input power 5-18V DC. ONVIF fully supported for streaming. Its small design and the front pivot support allow (integration and camouflage). Small 18x...

Virtual Pivot 4-way motorized platform

4-way motorized platform with HD IP camera. Pan and tilt mechanism with motorized pinhole lenses.


KBR66 - Pelco-D IP66 Controller Joystick

KBR66 - Joystick Controller Pelco-D PAN, TILT, ZOOM, FOCUS functions IP 66 waterproof remote control RS485 communication (default ADD1 2400 bauds) Transmission speed 2400/9600 baud For camera use in extreme outdoor conditions.

V-ZPT4 Pan and Tilt Unit

Pan and Tilt unit for CCTV cameraDC 9 - 12V motorsOption PCB bord Pelco-D


Standard PTZ systems move the whole camera body around its center or a point at the back of the camera, the below animation shows that in contrast to this the MIB PTZ camera tilts around its front.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

Mini Pan tilt head, hidden mechanical motorized Pan and Tilt Head Pelco-D high precision, pinhole motorized lens camera

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