VDL-4000 IP cameras and 12V power supply on coax

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IP camera transmission kit or computer network. Power supply 12VDC up to 3A via coaxial. Transmission 800m max
Supports any type of IP camera.

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The VDL-4000 is ideal for reusing coaxial cable already in place while you want to install IP cameras without redoing the on-site cabling to monitor.
It can also power a 12VDC camera up to 3A

RJ45 Ethernet IP transmission and 12VDC 3A power supply via coaxial
100Mbps to support full-HD megapixel cameras
800m of max transmission with KX-6 or RG59 / RG6 cable
12VDC 3A power supply for camera or equipment (Ethernet switch for example)
Supports any type of IP camera without distinction
Short-circuit and overload protection
Can link with switches to create a multi-camera link
LED status indicators.

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