W-Track GPS Tracker IP67

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W-Track is a GPS Tracker resistant to shocks, dust and water. 3G / GSM modem. Alarm sensor GPS and GSM scrambling detection. Motion sensor and energy saver. Recording capacity up to 100,000 GPS data. Smart analysis
Complies with IP67 régulations.

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W-Track complies with IP67 regulations for the waterproofing of dust and water casing made of ABS plastic shockproof and all connectors sealed with screw fixed covers.

At the bottom of the body, there are two powerful magnets with total pulling force equal to 12 kg while the weight of the device is just around 300 grams. Therefore, the tracker can be quickly reliably attached to any steel surface.

Between the magnets there is a button - (alarm sensor).
When the device is connected to a steel surface the button is pressed. If a tracker is removed from the surface, the button is released.
Alarm messages are sent to the control server (up to 5 predefined phone numbers).

There are movements, schedules and combinations of the two power modes.
Efficient power saving and a powerful 5200 mAh / 10Ah / 13Ah battery provide extremely long operating time.
The tracker can also work as a GPS recorder with the GSM module enabled only for downloading data at specified times. This mode could be a perfect solution for secret operation securing the device to be detected by means of radio scanning tools.

Average operating time: (for 5.2Ah battery)
• every 15 min - 2 weeks
• every 30 minutes - 1 month
• every 60 minutes - 1.5 months
• every 12 hours - 2 years
• continuous transmission - 60 hours
• Parking mode - 3-4 months

3G / GSM modem
Hibernate up to 28 days configured by SMS / GPRS
Minimum transmission interval via SMS 15 seconds, via
GPRS 5 sec
Tracking cellular identity without GPS available
Detach the alarm sensor
Anti-detection mode with GSM OFF
5.2mAh / 10Ah or 13Ah battery types for very long running times
GPS and GSM scrambling detection
Motion sensor and energy saver based on a timer modes
Recording capacity up to 100,000 GPS logs
Different modes of operation depending on the geozone
Smart analysis
Dimensions 102 x 47 x 46mm
Weight 300 g

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