129RL - water cooled camera housing high-temperature

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High-temperature housing box for surveillance camera. Cooled by air or water. Especially designed for high temperature environments. Designed in stainless steel AISI316L. Exists with germanium glass for thermal cameras.

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High temperature liquid / air cooled housing for camera, 316L stainless steel
This high-quality 316L stainless steel housing is designed to cool a surveillance camera in environments with high temperatures, where it is not allowed to use a conventional camera without protection.

Available in lengths 400 mm or 540mm
Temperature range: max 400 ° C
Recommended cooling: water temperature 20 ° C - 4 bar max
Highly resistant to corrosion
Air barrier for porthole (requires compressed air filters to degrease the air - sold as optional)
Also available for thermal imaging cameras, AR / DLC window (100 ° C max) or ZS AR / AR (300 ° C max)
Can be delivered with camera already installed

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