3GW104T Tactical Video Surveillance Case

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Tactical surveillance case, complementary to the EH1004H-4G Video, audio and telemetry (PTZ) transmission in real time. Remote control IP67 certified case and connector.

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Suitcase to the EH1004H-4G for real-time video, audio and telemetry (PTZ) transmission on iPhone, Android or PC.
Mobile and economical solution for transmission from an unmarked vehicle, or for outdoor installation.

Power supply from the PoE case (only one connecting cable)
Remote control over a 4G unlimited data subscription
Secure WiFi connection in areas not covered by 4Gvalise ptz,
IP67 certified case and connector
No civil works, immediate installation and accessible from any internet browser
Live image broadcasting via the 4G network
System according to the technical decree of 2007, allowing to diffuse a flow of images in 12 frames seconds, quality 4 CIF, thus ensuring a perfect fluidity of the scene.

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