Highly rugged PTZ dome analog CV35F

Analogue dome camera motorized day / night.
360 ° continuous swivel without stop
Highly hardened to IK10 shocks and vibrations.
PTZ Zoom 10X, 18x or 36x
Outdoor IP67
Stabilized image

More details

PTZ motorized analogue dome camera, highly hardened for the most severe applications, in mines, industry or outdoors with risk of vandalism or projection oils or solids.

360 ° continuous swivel without stop
Positioning preposition ultra precise +/- 0,05 °
ZOOM of your choice: 10x, 18x, 36x
Sony Day / Night module High resolution 550 L TV 0.01 Lux
Available with white leds or IR, range 100m
Has a function Flip and Mirror: conversely possible of the image and the video
Control via its PelcoD RS-485 interface
Anti-corrosion IP67 waterproof casing made from thick cast aluminum
Very robust with integrated electronic image stabilization and WDR, ideal in case of vibrations
Wide temperature range: -45 to + 65 ° C
Ideal for mobile monitoring, industrial processes, vehicles, industry, marine
Available in 2 colors: black and white

Xylan marine painting
Version with thermal video module also available.

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