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3MP IR camera Dome fixe

High Resolution 3MP IR IP66 Dôme Camera. HD video in real time, fixed lens 2.8mm DS-2CD2132F-I - HIKVISIONIR LED up to 30m. Memory location (up to 128GB) Anti-Vandalism, (Wi-Fi optional).


DS-2CD2155FWD-I Fixed Dome 5Mp

Fixed IP surveillance dome cameraHikvision High Resolution 5Mp Waterproof IP67 case. Infrared Leds IR maximum range 20 meters. Various objectives available.

DS-MCW407 Series Body Camera / intervention...

Body camera, equipped with a video recording system, used by the police to record their interactions with the public and collect video evidence on the scenes. H.264 and H.265 encoding technology. 1080p / 25 fps recording resolution. Wide range lens, 129 ° horizontal field of view. Integrated MIC...

DS-MDT001 / GLE / PTT400M Series - Portable...

DS-MDT001 series, portable video recorder, adopts Android operating system and video and audio encoding features, 4G network transmission, Wi-Fi, satellite positioning. Applicable to public safety, transportation, city management, judicial system, buildings, etc ...


Monocular thermal portable observation...

Hikvision DS-2TS03 portable thermal observation monocular. Equipped with a 384×288 infrared detector. OLED display 1024×768. Supports observation, hot spot tracking, distance measurement, Wi-Fi hotspot, etc...Built-in high sensitivity thermal detector for clear vision even in total darkness.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items