Safety cabinet Lithium-ion battery storage

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Flammable cabinets 790 + LI series.
European standard fire protection EN 14470-1 and EN 14470-2. Safety storage solution for Lithium-ion batteries. Reduces the risk of fire and explosion. 105 minutes fire resistance and ISO n ° 83 compliant. Optional solutions: (Internal fire extinguisher, alarm, smoke detector, control box).

More details

Flammable and / or explosive products must be stored in safety cabinets. EN 14470-1 cabinets have fire resistance to protect products from a possible fire. We offer 30, 60 or 90 minute fire resistance; the 30 and 90 minutes are also available in compartmentalized cabinets for the storage of different types of chemicals. For obvious safety reasons, flammable and / or explosive products should be stored in safety cabinets. Regardless of your field of activity, whether you store low flammable or extremely flammable products such as gas, lithium batteries, these must be stored safely in order to delay the risk of explosions due to fire.

SERIES 790 + LI ensure the safety of goods and people, with a safety storage solution for Lithium-ion batteries. Indeed, lithium-ion batteries have the particularity of presenting many risks, the best known and most frequent of which is thermal runaway which can be due to a rise in temperature of the environment, a shock, or even a problem of battery assembly. The consequence is that the battery can ignite dangerously and cause a fire. Different sizes of cabinets and many options can be offered to you.

Complementary accessories
Perforated blue shelf with an admissible load of 100 Kg (ref. E48LI and E35LI)
Removable retention basin in the lower part (ref. B48 and B3)
Fire extinguisher with automatic activation at 79 ° C by special lithium thermal bulb (ref. EX100LI.)
Rack of 9 electrical outlets for recharging (ref. PRISELI) to be ordered with PACABLI)
 Drilling for cable passage with fire-resistant cable gland (ref. PACABLI)
Safety and alarm set (ref. VIG100 including visual and audible alarm, control box, automatic smoke detector, EX100LI and PACABLI extinguisher