GS9000 Dashcam Onboard Camera-Allwan-Security

DS9000 Dashcam, Onboard Camera for Police Car, Gendarmerie. Recording on a Micro-SD card. 4x digital zoom, infrared LEDs, microphone.

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This camera makes it possible to secure interventions at the front of the vehicle
It has a Day / Night lens allowing excellent visibility of the road and user control interventions. According to articles 226-1 and following of the penal code, it turns out that the Dashcams do not infringe on the private life. This camera is placed on the dashboard or on the windshield using a suction cup. It is permanently connected as soon as the vehicle is started. The recording is done on a Micro-SD card.

The Gs900 onboard camera is a full HD DashCam with a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels which guarantees high quality videos for the car and also for leisure. It makes it possible to determine the responsibilities during an accident.
In some countries, it is common for pedestrians to literally jump in front of the vehicle to simulate an accident in order to claim compensation from the driver. Today, if the insurers do not use, for the moment, not officially the images filmed by these black video boxes, they will be able, for example, to serve before a judge in case of necessity. Without going to this kind of issue, a camera can also help to complete an amicable report by viewing the images of the collision. And, in case of bad faith of a protagonist, they will then help to demonstrate the responsibilities of the people involved
In other cases, it tracks an offender and identifies vehicles, occupants or license plates.

Model: GS9000
Type: Onboard Camera
LCD screen: 2.7 inches
CMOS sensor: 5m
Resolution: 1920x1080 @ 30ips Full HD 1080P High Definition
Infrared Vision: Yes 4 IR LEDs
Lens: 178 degree wide angle
Digital Zoom: 4x
GPS recording support function: Yes
Video function: Yes
Motion detection function: Yes
G.Sensor Support Function: Yes
Advanced H.264 photography compression technology.
Compressed format 1280x720, 30 frames / sec 1440x1080, 30 frames / second, 30 frames / second 848x480, 60 frames / second.
Built-in microphone: Yes
Supports HDMI video transmission
Storage: SDHC class 10 (not included) up to 32GB
Port: USB / HDMI / AV
Support with 360 degree rotation
Battery: integrated 300mA
Weight: 500g