XCG-CP510 - SONY Type 2/3 CMOS 5.1MP Polarized Camera

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XCG-CP510 - CMOS Polarized Camera
Polarizing Sensor IMX250MZR 5.1MP 23fps
Compact cubic size
GigE Vision 2.0 / 1.2
Gigabit Ethernet with PoE
Trigger mode
Advanced image processing
Fix shading, defective pixels
Compliant with IEEE1588

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The XCG-CP510 combines the best of Sony's technology in a convenient form factor, optimized for use in the machine vision and other markets. The XCG-CP510 incorporates the innovative and revolutionary IMX250MZR global CMOS global shutter sensor, which uses polarized monochrome filters to capture polarized light in four shots.
The camera is inspired by Sony's state-of-the-art Pregius Global Shutter CMOS sensor technology and its capabilities.
abdication of high quality. The XCG-CP510 offers the best combination of performance and quality of a trusted brand.
The XCG-CP510 has a resolution of 2448 (H) x 2048 (V) with a frame rate of 23 frames per second and supports GigE Vision 1.2 / 2.0 with PoE capability to one cable. The XCG-CP510 will be made available with a polarized camera SDK, which will allow the rapid and simplified development of polarized light applications for the camera and the requirements of your solution. The XCG-CP510 and SDK will therefore be well-suited for deployment to dramatically improve visibility and detection in a number of manufacturing and security / ITS applications.

Sensor: 2/3
Type: Polarsens Global Shutter CMOS (BW)
Resolution: 5.1 MP
The speed: 23
Width: 29
the size: 29
Depth: 42
Interface: GigE Vision 2.0
Partial analysis
Trigger HW & SW
Noise filter
DC: 12 V (PoE)
Fault correction / shading
Conforms to IEEE1588

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