XCL-CG510C -Camera Couleur Sony GSCMOS 2/3 5,1 MP / 35 images par seconde

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XCL-CG510C -Camera Color
5.1 Megapixel industrial camera
CMOS global shutter type 2/3 sensor
Image processing, 35 frames per second
Fault correction / shading
Reading the temperature
Transfer of high frame rate images
Parameters and functions (user)
Block and sequential trigger mode

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The XCL-CG510 (black and white) and XCL-CG510C (color) are Sony's latest industrial cameras incorporating Sony Pregius GSCMOS sensor technology. The XCL-CG510C combines the best of Sony's technology in a practical cubic form factor, optimized for use in the industrial and non-industrial vision markets. The XCL-CG series is designed as an alternative to the well-known XCL-C CCD array, bringing the transformational benefits of GSCMOS Pregius technology. Building on Sony's industry-leading Global Shutter CMOS sensor technology, the XCL-CG510C combines the highly innovative and fast IMX264 5.1MP GSCMOS sensor with Sony's rich heritage of complete camera technology. Camera Link interface. you can trust the brand.

Unique Image Processing
Utilising both Sony’s GSCMOS Pregius technology and image processing know-how,the XCL-CG510C camera comes equipped with unique image processing capabilities,such as:
- Area Gain
- Defect Correction
- Shading Correction
- 3x3 Filter

High Frame Rate Image Transfer
XCL-CG510C camera features a high readout rate of uncompressed images for smooth and clear results. Using one Camera Link connector with PoCL capability the XCL-CG510C achieves up to 35 (8-bit x 3tap) frames per second (fps). Other frame rates are selectable. This enables the camera to capture fast-moving objects without sacrificing image quality.
Shading Correction
With embedded shading correction and Pregius sensor technology the XCL-CG510C camera minimises the uneven image intensity often caused by lighting and/or the lens. The internal hardware processing reduces the need for external image correction that is normally performed via a frame grabber board and PC. This handy function reduces the processing load of the PC, and simplifies the processing task.
Defect Correction
XCL-CG510C camera can automatically minimise defective pixels (e.g.., white and black dots) within the entire imaging area directly inside the camera. This feature helps simplify image processing.
Temperature Readout
The camera comes with an internal temperature sensor. The host device can receive temperature information by issuing a command. This eliminates the need for a separate sensor, and simplifies system configuration.
Memory Channel (User Set)
In addition to factory default settings, up to 16 camera parameters – including brightness, gamma, shutter, gain, and trigger mode – can be preset to suit each
particular scene.
Bulk Trigger Mode & Sequential Trigger Mode
The XCL-CG510C camera feature advanced Bulk Trigger and Sequential Trigger modes in addition to a free run trigger mode. Each camera supports 16
memory channels that can store up to 16 different camera setups (e.g.., exposure, and gain).
Bulk Trigger mode allows these cameras to capture up to 16 images in rapid succession using a single software or hardware trigger.
Sequential Trigger mode allows each camera to capture a single image using successive setups stored in the memory channels with each software or hardware trigger.
Look-up Table (LUT)
The XCL-CG510C camera supports a look-up table which transforms the input luminance signal into the required digital output. It supports factory presets such as Binarization and user defined LUT.
Industrial Design
The XCL-CG510C adopts the rich heritage in camera design from Sony.  It is designed to resist high shock and vibration whilst maintaining Sony's reputation for high durability and performance.

Sensor: overall shutter CMOS type 2/3 (color)
Resolution: 5.1 megapixels
Dimensions: 29 x 29 x 30mm
Interface: Camera link
Partial analysis / binning
Trigger HW & SW
Noise filter
DC 12 V (PoE)
Shading / fault correction

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