IT-SH303-IR Infrared Illuminator

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IT-SH303-IR is part of the series of high power industrial and military infrared illuminators. Infrared light for CCTV and IP cameras. With IT-SH303-IR illuminator, you get high quality night lighting and visual performance.

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The IT-SH303-IR Illuminator series, infrared distance up to 700m improves camera performance in low light and improves image effects at night. Conventional night surveillance. Night video analysis function. Reduces signal noise and other image distortion. Reduces network bandwidth requirements. Energy saving by correction of the power factor. Reduces the cost of equipment. Reduced installation and wiring costs. The S-H303-IR 940nm Illuminator is recommended for security in ports, rail systems, borders, prisons, LRP / ANPR traffic, ITS as well as surveillance of large public places.

IR LED with super powerful dot matrix, strong light effect.
Long lifespan and low light decline function.
Optical lens treatment twice as effective, achieves 90% of light efficiency.
Aluminum housing with high thermal conductivity to improve the heat dispersal property.
Stainless steel support.

Model: IT-SH303-IR
LED type: 90 2 W matrix IR LEDs
Wavelength: 740 nm / 850 nm / 940 nm
Beam angle: 10 ° to 230 °
Beam distance: 65m to 700m
Voltage: AC85-265V / DC12V / AC24V
Power consumption: 111 W (850 nm)
Day and night switch: Auto
Cable length: 1.3 m
Mounting: U-shaped wall support
Temperature: -40 ℃ to 50 ℃
Degree of protection: IP66
The color black
Housing: aluminum
Panel: Tempered glass with high light transmittance
Weight: 12 kg
Dimensions: 610x206x117 mm

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