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1/3" 4.7-84.6mm (18X) F/1.6 IR Mega-Pixel...

DF003 is a vari-focal lens compatible with megapixel resolution cameras for cameras such as cameras or dome camera platforms. Tamron, anticipating the growing variety of camera types, has now developed an integrated zoom lens compatible with megapixel resolution cameras that can be used with high...


110SA - 316L stainless steel compact housing

Mini box for harsh environment, industrial, corrosive. Saline / marine environment, short version for reduced space. 100% 316L stainless steelCompatible with any type of cameraExist with germanium glass for thermal camera. Waterproof IP 66/67 according to EN60529.


110TARGET - Marine grade IP OnVif zoom camera

Marine IP zoom video camera in SST 316L.Powerful optical zoom 30x and high luminosity sensibility. Thanks to the 4K video sensor the video signal is in UHD 4096x2160 @ 25/30fps. Waterproof IP 66/67 according to EN60529.


129EX - Caisson for standard and thermal camera.

Atex explosion-proof housing for IIC certified camera and surveillance camera in Atex environment. This explosion-proof envelope can be used in zone atex 1; 2; 21; 22. 3 sizes available.Housing for standard camera and thermal camera. 316L stainless steel materials.


129RL - water cooled camera housing...

High-temperature housing box for surveillance camera. Cooled by air or water. Especially designed for high temperature environments. Designed in stainless steel AISI316L. Exists with germanium glass for thermal cameras.


129SA - 316L stainless steel casing

Case for marine / saline environment.Severe, industrial, corrosive environment, 100% 316L stainless steel.Compatible with any type of cameraExist with germanium glass for thermal camera. Waterproof IP 66/67/68 according to EN60529.

PELI France

2000Z1 SabreLite ™ ATEX Zone 1 Torch

Professional torch. Body materials dissipating static electricity. High risk area, potentially explosive. Zone 1 ATEX (Category 2).


250PT Motorized turret stainless steel 316

2-axis motorized turret casing for harsh, industrial, corrosive environment, marine environment, chlorinated 100% 316L stainless steel. Compatible with any type of camera. Exist with germanium glass for thermal camera. Waterproof IP 66/67 according to EN60529.


250PTEx Turret Box Atex

Motorized turret type box ADF Atex stainless steel 316L. To integrate analog camera, AHD, CVI, TVI, IP. Possibility of adding optical fiber module. Compatible seaside, offshore platforms, boats.


260m Golden Series Infrared Remote...

The High Power IR Illuminator is a premium quality LED light source for nighttime lighting with the longest lifespan. Provides high power infrared light for cameras CCTV, IP at night, and improves camera performance for sharp images.

PELI France

2610Z0 HeadsUp Lite ™ Headlamp

Headlamp with hands-free lighting 3 Leds0. High intensity of 30 lumens up to 28 meters range. Low intensity of 14 lumens with a range of 18 meters. IPx4 ATEX Zone 0 protection (Category 1). Works with 3 AAA batteries included.


36X Ultra Sensitive Zoom Camera 205mm

Ultra Low Light High Resolution Camera.Compact for use in extreme conditions.Double filter (ICR) Day / Night, filtering infrared light. Hybrid camera.  Simultaneous connection in analog,36x optical zoom.

PELI France

3765Z0 Rechargeable Torch Right Angle ATEX...

New rechargeable 3765Z0 angled torchBattery level indicator button (4 modes Locking wheel securely holds 4 AA batteries. Clamp for hands-free use. Battery door attached for quick change.


3GMICROCAM Mini IP Camera OnVif 2.45Mp

ONVIF 2.45Mp IP Miniature CameraSONY 2,45Mp sensor. Day / night, electronic filter. Industrial applications.


3MP IR camera Dome fixe

High Resolution 3MP IR IP66 Dôme Camera. HD video in real time, fixed lens 2.8mm DS-2CD2132F-I - HIKVISIONIR LED up to 30m. Memory location (up to 128GB) Anti-Vandalism, (Wi-Fi optional).


4G Cellular IP Camera Systems For Isolated...

Autonomous mobile video terminal 4G LTE Urban Security. Simple installation and implementation, this camera makes it possible to effectively and easily monitor sensitive sites. No more need for civil engineering. These cameras can be deployed in a few minutes over a wide area to monitor events...


4G-EC25_LTE Router WiFi 4G LTE OEM Board 38 x...

Mini 4G LTE WiFi integration router for the integration of surveillance cameras or secure VPN mobile connected industrial solutions.

4K 40x Starlight PTZ IR Dome Camera with...

4K PTZ IR Dome Camera, 1 / 1.8 "STARVIS ™ CMOS Imager, 40x Optical Zoom, Long Range CCTV Capture, State-of-the-Art Analytics + Features, Face Recognition and Perimeter Protection in Real Time, Dahua Analytics + Algorithms for more details

4K@30fps H.265/H.264 HDMI Video Encoder with...

Video encoder HDMI with Loop video  4K H.264 / H.265. The H.265 HDMI video encoder is our professional HD audio and video encoding device with powerful functionality.


50PTE - Motorized turret AISI316L

2-axis motorized turret for camera in harsh environment, industrial, corrosive, saline / marine environment, chlorinated. 100% 316L stainless steelMaximum load 25Kg. Waterproof IP 66/67 according to EN60529.


Philips ADR620 56749XM on-board camera Horizontal viewing angle = 120 ° with screen for instant video playback. Automatic driver fatigue alert, collision detection, time stamp for irrefutable evidence.

753210 - Worklight with integrated camera

Worklight with integrated cameraOffers exceptional lighting. Maximum light and long life. Equipped with a camera for optimal security. Adapts to the most difficult conditions. Compatible with many applications and monitors.

Showing 1 - 24 of 482 items