2000Z1 SabreLite ™ ATEX Zone 1 Torch

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Professional torch. Body materials dissipating static electricity. High risk area, potentially explosive. Zone 1 ATEX (Category 2).

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Same features as for the SabreLite ™ 2000 with a body made of static dissipative materials. The SabreLite 2000Z1 is certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres of Zone 1 ATEX (Category 2) and is ideal for professionals working in high-risk areas such as chemical, pharmaceutical, electrical, petroleum, gas and rescue situations in case of fire.

6 hours of autonomy for 177 meters at 39 lumens

Lamp length: 19.8 cm
Weight with batteries: 363 gr
Weight without batteries: 150 gr
Body: PC / PB modified Anti-static
O-ring: Ethylene Propylene
Lens: Polycarbonate (PC)
Coating: PC / modified PBT Anti-static
Clamp: PC / PBT modified Anti-static
Contact, spring and fixing: stainless steel
Switch Type: Rotating Lens Envelope
Lighting modes: On / Off
Battery size: C
Battery type: Alkaline
Number of batteries: 3
Volts: 4.5 v
Bulb type: Incandescent (Xenon)
Certification: ATEX Zone 1

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