THEMYS Fanless video recording system oper IP with 1 way HD analog encrypted 4G transmission ruggedized, waterproof IP66

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This tactical NVR is dedicated to mobile video surveillance for police and gendarmerie units. It allows local recording on hard drive as well as remote 4G transmission.

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Remote control on PTZ cameras from a PC or simply from a tablet or a Smartphone.

Waterproof IP67 and can therefore be camouflaged outdoors on a roof or in nature. Several Lan and Wan network connections are available to connect to an ADSL / Fiber Box or IP cameras.

This NVR accepts all analog cameras on the SD and HD market as well as IP cameras from major manufacturers. It has Onvif compatibility.

A dedicated server (optional) makes it possible to connect to several on the same case and perform the recording and detection parameters without monopolizing the bandwidth of the 4G network. This remote storage server allows you to view and analyze the recordings sent from the Thémys.

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