Panasonic Arbitrator - Embedded Video - Camera Road Surveillance System Helps Police

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The Arbitrator 360 ° ™ HD Car Digital Video Recording System is the industry leader in image quality and mobile video evidence capture. Its 1080p Full HD front camera offers incredible clarity. The system supports up to five simultaneous recording cameras for a 360 degree view to optimize perception of the situation.

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The Arbitrator 360 ° ™ HD Rugged Digital Video Recorder for Car is the industry leader in image quality for capturing unmatched critical mobile video evidence. Its 1080p Full HD front camera delivers incredible clarity and ultra-precise color representation, capturing a 65 ° field of view with enhanced zoom in low light. Up to four additional cameras covering the sides and back are recorded in 720p HD with 150 ° horizontal and 93 ° vertical field of view to maximize visibility of the situation. The Arbitrator 360 ° HD system is designed to work with Panasonic's SafeServ ™ EvidenceManagement Suite, which provides a complete, secure and easy-to-customize digital unified evidence management system. With the ability to manage digital evidence, including still images, IP surveillance video footage, and Arbitrator Body Worn camera videos, SafeServ also protects your investment by ensuring compatibility with previous Arbitrator models.

Referee can transmit records via a wireless connection to a storage center, than a computer in the police station, where you can analyze the data and even the incidents studied in detail. Then, definitive data can be exported to a DVD or WMV or RAW video files. This type of video surveillance capture is ideal for use in criminal investigations.

Full HD resolution: 1920 x 1080, up to 30 frames per second
1/2 inch CMOS sensor
Low-light technology for high sensitivity and night vision capabilities
The autofocus zoom and the dynamic compensation of the tone curve for the day and the night facilitate the use of the camera
Resistant to extreme temperatures, vibrations, dust and splashes
Full magnesium alloy housing for optimal material protection.

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