Atomas-MICRO NCTC Full HD vidéo IP

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The ATOMAS-MICRO-CNCT ​​coding module is a feature-rich IP video coder designed for a wide range of OEM camera models. The unique miniaturized form factor of ATOMAS-MICRO-CNCT ​​makes it particularly suitable for integration into small HD camera systems.

More details

Full HD
Supports H.264 IP video encoding with a maximum resolution of 1080p60 to convert any parallel source into a fully integrated IP streaming solution.

Sensor control

Can be set to take control of any parallel video module, including zoom and focus functions.

Stack of software
Supplied with a fully functional integrated software stack including Onvif Profile S for easy integration with any software platform.

Advanced options
Options such as PoE support, HD-SDI / 3G-SDI support, and i2c external card control enable integration into a variety of custom camera solutions.

HD parallel video interface
High profile H.264 video compression
Supports input resolutions up to 12 megapixels
IP video streaming up to 1080p60
Local recording on SD card
Conform to Onvif profile S
Web-based administrative user interface
Power range 5.5 to 14 VDC
IP video streaming on low latency.

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