Smart lithium ion battery, tactical military battery case network IP web Sigfox Lora SMS GSM BB-2590

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Battery and Charger Solutions for Military and Security Markets
Allwan Security is a designer and manufacturer of intelligent energy solutions.
Our batteries have been designed for use in extreme environments. Our intelligent BMS (Battery Mannagement System) will give you balance and stability without fail in order to optimize the performance and aging of your energy solutions.

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Abandoned radio presence sensors.

The energy source is the essential element for your standalone surveillance solutions.
In collaboration with the Police and Gendarmerie Units, we have developed smart energy solutions to meet the demands of the field.
Our 12V lithium batteries feature the latest cell technologies certified by leading manufacturers as well as intelligent balancing and remote communication management.
To power your various tactical surveillance and communications solutions that require energy higher than 11 volts, it*is imperative to design the new generations in 4 cells (4S). Most electronic devices do not support a power supply of less than 11V. You are therefore subject to premature feeding cuts. You can not optimize your monitoring autonomy with your current means (3S).

Smart consumption, shedding:
Why power a device if it only serves at certain times of the day?
Our tactical surveillance bags feature a deep standby system.
From our dedicated VPN server, it is possible to fall asleep a large part of the communication and recording elements to extend the battery life.
A calendar also allows operation at certain times of the day.

A local display showing:
The battery output voltage
The nominal power of the battery
The current consumed
The remaining time of operation
The aging of the battery

Battery Interconnections:
For the longest missions, you can chain as many batteries as you want in parallel. The batteries have a communication bus that allows them to switch automatically before switching off the BMS.
We have a hub switch to couple up to 3 batteries and avoid a system shutdown when you replace an item. Its LCD display shows all the performance of connected batteries.

Remote Management:
Embedded Web Server
SMTP server for managing alerts (consumption, cut-off ...)
Remote display of all the chained batteries.
LOGs, cycle management and maintenance
Remote control
Management of the internal switches of the batteries (forced changeover)
Locating device:
GPS antenna activable + RF Tracking
Sound device for retaining the camouflaged batteries
RF to find buried batteries (option)
Transmitter SigFox / Lora / Bluetooth (option SB-IoT module).

Smart battery specifications:
Maximum output power 6A
Active BMS (prolongs battery life)
Active protection against short circuits (no need for fuses)
Protection against polarity inversions
Internal DC / DC Converter 12V 6A
Control panel :
1 LCD color LCD display
1 fugitive switch to illuminate the display
1 ON / OFF switch
1 fugitive switch to declare the active module
1 XLR5 port
2 x XLR3 output ports
1 IP connected port
1 RJ45 Ethernet port
1 USB port 5V
Waterproof IP65

Available powers: 50Ah, 100Ah, 200Ah, 400Ah- Possibility of chaining the batteries- Customization.

Interfaces :  Web server embarqué pour un management PC, Smartphone ou télécommande radio Oled

Option :
External connector for Lithium, plomb batteries (without Allwan)
Customisation  panel control is possible
Abandoned radio presence sensors.
Remote control with ACK and Oled display for battery information (SB-RC02)
Module IoT (SB-IoT)
Module GSM (SB-GSM)
Battery connector BB-2590

Interfaces : Web server for PC and Smartphones

SMS Fonctions  :
Output 1 ON/OFF
Output 2 ON/OFF
Radio ON/OFF
Buzzer ON/OFF
Alarme movement
Alarm sms error check

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