SMART UPS TACTICAL UPS STACKING SYSTEM 12v 24v 48v rack mount online jauge delph curent programation

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Electrical engineering of the future.
Uninterruptible tactical UPS power supply. Plug & Play UPS tactical battery stacking. This system supports the incorporation and stacking of batteries into a single integrated power management system. new BMS gereration.

Rugged, military tough case construction.

Safe - Reliable - Modular - Secure - Customizable.

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Stand alone Military tactial battery with monitoring Built for Harsh Military environments.

Typically, the Allwan military Li-ion battery packs will include safety features such as electronic protection, thermal fuses, PTC’s and diodes, as necessary. this versions also include LCD fuel gauge and communications. They are all compatible with various  constant current / constant voltage chargers.

BMS with active bi-directional balancing to optimize cells

Intelligeant Stacking System Plug and Play
Load Balancing Capability
Active BMS (Battery Management System)
First Plugs & Play Backbone Desing
Battery capacity monitoring with application on 4G, WiFi, IoT, SMS, Lora, Sigfox...
Remote Maintenance Battery Cloud System and reduce site visits to the minimum.

Voltage : 12V or 24V DC (custum is possible) 5V DC USB
Power output  : 100Ah, 160Ah, 200Ah, 250Ah, 300Ah @12V DC
Stackable : yes more than  20 pcs
Management : Integreted Web server, dedicated server for the park
Security : Account user and admin (with web inteface)
Communication :  IoT Sigfox, Lora, WiFi, SMS modem, IP LAN
Remote control :  Yes (option)
Tracking : RF 433Mhz with bi-directional receiver (Option), GPS (option)
I/O activable : Output DC, Tracking gonio, Buzzer
Alarm : accelerometer 3D send SMS alarm
Control : Oled Screen 1.8" for all functions : time left, power, voltage,
Screen : automatic standby recativable with the black button
Tracking, températures, IP & ports  adress...
GPS (option) & RF tracking (gonio)

Protections : temperatures, current (10Ah), Hotswap, short-circuit electronic protection...
Controller : Low Power consumption
Cells : first choice LG or Samsung
Number of cycles : 500 (Charge/dischage) 
IP67 standard
XLR3 DC Input & output or MIL connectors, M12  Lan, USB
Maintenance: bootloader for remote updates, XML file for all internals parameters
Very small size suitcase, depends on capacity.
Warranty : 2 years or 500 cycles charge

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