PELI Torch - 2690Z0 HeadsUp Lite Zone 0

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Professional head torch with LED bulb
Autonomy of 10 hours for a weight of 117g. Switch is rotary. Torch is made of ABS resin. ATEX certificate in zone 0 (category 1).

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Regardless of the level of darkness, the Peli HeadsUp Lite ™ 2690Z0 head torch will never leave you in the dark.
With its LED bulb and 74 lumens, or its 10 hours of autonomy for a weight of 117 grams, this torch is the best compromise in its class.
The switch is rotatable and easy to use, even when wearing gloves. The torch is made of ABS resin and can therefore withstand chemicals, shocks, and of course water. It comes with two straps, one in adjustable fabric for comfort and the other in hard rubber to better adhere to the helmet.

4h30 of autonomy for 392 meters at 392 Lumens
11 hours of autonomy for 234 meters at 144 Lumens

Lamp length: 7.1 cm
Weight with batteries: 116 gr
Weight without batteries: 79 grams
Body: PC / PBT modified anti-static
O-ring: EPDM
Lens: polycarbonate (PC)
Coating: PC / PBT modified anti-static
Contact, spring and fixing: Bronze Phosphore Nickel Plated
Switch Type: One-Hand Rotary Switch
Lighting modes: On / Off
Battery size: AAA
Battery type: alkaline
Batteries included 3
Volts: 4.5v
Bulb type: LED
Life time bulb: 10000 hours
Certification: ATEX Zone 0

ATEX Certificate in Zone 0 (Category 1): Safe use in hazardous environments, the HeadsUp Lite ™ 2690Z0 torch is ideal for professionals working in the chemical, pharmaceutical, or oil and gas processing industries.

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