Dual beam torch 3345Z0 ATEX Zone 0

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Peli lamp, permanent battery level indicator. Double beam (Spot and wide beam). Automatic light sensor. Clamp for hands-free use. ATEX Zone 0 (Cat. 1) certified.

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Peli ™ 3345Z0 Torch with Automatic Light Sensor: The first professional torch that automatically adjusts brightness. She thinks for herself.
The Peli ™ 3345Z0 torch c is examining ambient light / the surrounding environment and instantly adjusts its lumens to the most efficient level.
Now you can read the pressure gauges nearby or light up hundreds of meters without having to adjust the power settings by hand.
The automatic light sensor also makes the Peli ™ 3345Z0 one of the most energy efficient, conserving energy and prolonging battery life. In addition, its secondary broad beam illuminates potential obstacles such as free cables, while its main spot illuminates long tunnels.

5 hours of autonomy for 126 meters at 267 Lumens
13 hours of autonomy for 16 meters at 115 Lumens
9 hours of autonomy for 134 meters at 207 Lumens

Lamp length: 18.4 cm
Weight with batteries: 213 gr
Weight without batteries: 142 gr
Body: PC / PBT modified antistatic
O-ring: NBR
Lens: polycarbonate coated antistatic (PC)
Coating: PC / PBT modified antistatic
Clamp: PC / PBT modified antistatic
Switch Type: Push Button
Lighting Modes: High
Battery size: AA
Battery type: alkaline
Number of batteries: 3 (not included)
Permanent battery indicator
Volts: 4.5v
Bulb type: LED
Secondary lamp type: LED
Life bulb: 50000 hours
Certification: ATEX Zone 0

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