SB-STARVIS 30X Integrated Camera IP Baby Seat

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The ip baby seat houses a high definition ip camera with incredible zoom. the baby seat concealment has front and rear viewing angles due to the camera's full 360°PTZ rotation. the system is fully portable, so you are no restricted to the same drop car for each mission are no restricted to the same drop car for each mission.

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IP Baby Seat with PTZ SB-STARVIS 30X motorized camera.
IP baby seat comes in a variety of custom kits, including our self-contained.
Day / Night Camera (Low Light) 0.01 Lux
Powerful zoom Optical zoom 30 X
Front and rear vision, 360 ° rotation
Integration of a compact StarVIS Day / Night (Ultra Low Light) Telescopcam PTZ camera in a miniature housing with powerful power zoom and ultra miniaturized motorized azimuth device.
System usable in a wide range of observation missions.
Installation done simply in a few minutes.
Very simple and quick camera adjustment thanks to a control console with visual display located in the trunk of the vehicle.
Set remote control via a transmission Wifi or 3G / 4G.

Front and rear vision, continuous 360 ° rotation
Optical zoom 30 X
SONY 1 / 2.8-2MP sensor type Exmor CMOS Starvis
Dual scan 512x WDR
High resolution 2 megapixel 1080P
DC power supply 11 ~ 15 V DC
PELCO-D Protocol
2-year warranty

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