SM800P4 Tactical Signaling Panel

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Tactical road sign. Surveillance in sensitive areas, 2 hidden cameras
Rechargeable battery.

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Tactical road sign
Road sign designed to carry out surveillance in sensitive areas where it is not possible to approach the target.
It has 2 cameras hidden on both sides of the road.
We realize the panel according to the limitation of speed but can be declined on all other signaling (teaching radar).
Possibility to add a car passage detector to save batteries and prevent nuisance tripping when people pass.

Local video recording made on a removable memory card with permanent 3G / 4G transmission.
A "Push" option allows sending an image or a small instantaneous video sequence when detecting a presence or a car.
Autonomous energy thanks to its rechargeable battery (interchangeable in case of prolonged bad weather) and its solar panel.

This sign is only available as part of a rogatory commission.

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