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Autonomous mobile video terminal 4G LTE Urban Security. Simple installation and implementation, this camera makes it possible to effectively and easily monitor sensitive sites. No more need for civil engineering. These cameras can be deployed in a few minutes over a wide area to monitor events (Concerts, rallies …)

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Installation on a building or candelabrum, it has a 1080p HD internal recording of one month on event or on a normally frequented site.
Thanks to its Ultra Low Light Darkfighter sensor (0.0005 Lux) this camera does not require infrared lighting for night vision. As a result, it consumes extremely little. In the same way, its fully waterproof IP68 box exempts it from additional heating and works up to -15 °.
The watch has a continuous 360 ° vision and a sensor of last generation with a very powerful optical zoom of 36X in205mm.
This camera has the latest compression technologies (H.264 & H.265) to transfer maximum quality on a 360 ° continuous view
From anywhere, your high-definition images are just streamed and saved. A CMS (IVMS-5200) makes it possible to gather all 4G cameras on a 24/7 remote monitoring center. Thanks to its Onvif compatibility, this camera is compatible with all CMS already existing in the agglomerations already equipped with video surveillance (Milestone Systems, Nuuo, synology, IVMS-5200 ...)

Anti-glare high performance.
Day / night vision with facial recognition up to 200 meters
High resolution long distance vision at more than 300 meters, 360 ° continuous.
Intelligent image analysis with detection of penetration / exit of parametric zones or detection / modification of object or face detection.
Recording triggered on events
Fully secure WiFi access point to collect recordings at the bottom of the post.
Ability to extract the videos from the recordings to provide them to the police.
Ultra Low Light Darkfighter Sensor (0.0005 Lux).
IP68 waterproof.

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