4G LTE Cellular IP Security Camera Systems For Isolated Locations

4G LTE wireless security camera systems are ideal when there is no option for a point-to-point wireless system or hardwired broadband connection, but cell service is available.

If you have cell phone service at your project location, you will most likely be able to use 4G LTE cellular communications to access your video system. Our high gain antenna systems maximize signal strength.

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Ruggedized For Harsh Environments and Extreme Temperatures

Our cellular video solutions have a proven track record of withstanding the most demanding applications and harsh elements in outdoor and industrial environments. Ruggedized 4G LTE cellular routers and power supplies have a certified temperature operating range of −22 °F to +158 °F.

4G LTE Cellular Camera Systems Are Perfect For:

  • Remote Facilities & Work Sites
  • Law Enforcement & First responders (rapid deployment models)
  • Construction Sites
  • Scientific Studies
  • Wildlife Studies
  • Weather Observation
  • Marketing (live images delivered to web site)
  • Wild waste

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