RB-1710 -Handheld thermal imaging Camera borescope with 17mm diameter probe

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Infrared Thermal Endoscope RB-1710 Series
Resolution of the 80x60 / 160x120 probe
Special features Pro version (automatic search for hot and cold spots)
Length of the fiber 1 meter
Available in Standard / Professional version.

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Infrared thermal endoscope RB-1710 Series.
The infrared sensor can be folded, rotated, extended and replaced. Technology for measuring the temperature of the infrared image
A perfect combination of endoscope and infrared thermal imaging technology Exclusive technology and innovative design.

Temperature / measurement: 2 x 2 temperature measurement at the central point
Accuracy ± 2 ° C
Measuring range Std: -20-150 ° C
Pro measuring range: -20-380 ° C
Radius: 0.95 fixed
Thermal sensitivity: 0.1 ° C
Reading time: 150ms / 100ms
Std probe resolution: 80 x 60
Pro Probe Resolution: 160x120
FOV standard version: 50 °
FOV professional version: 57 °
special functions pro version: automatic search for hot and cold spots.
Length of the fiber: 1 meter
Operating temperature: 0 ° C ~ 45 ° C
Consumption: 1.1W
3.5 inch display, 640 x 480
Photo / video: Yes

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