Vega Smart HD - 2HD Camera ANPR Next Generation ITS System

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ANPR Camera - Vega Smart HD - 2HD
New generation ITS systems. Covers two lanes with a maximum width of 7.5 meters. Detects vehicles at a maximum speed of 250 km / h. Distance up to 25 meters. Capture and processing of images triggered by an Ethernet command. Additional features can be Added.

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Vega Smart HD / 2HD has been specifically designed to best meet all requirements for free-flow tolling, traffic monitoring and security. The system can cover two lanes with a maximum width of 7.5 meters and detects vehicles at a maximum speed of 250 km / h.

These standard features are complemented by optional features that transform the camera from a standard plate reader into true smart vehicle recognition and a security system. First, a system can be added to recognize the vehicle brand, vehicle class and even vehicle color, and also offers HD streaming for video surveillance. In addition, the smart camera can be equipped to run two different OCRs simultaneously on board. The real-time license plate identification is then performed by two independent software tools inside the system, providing maximum accuracy. With this dual OCR, the validated license plate data is a direct output from the camera and any additional third party analysis software is redundant, which reduces system complexity and costs for the user.

Thanks to the Easinstall application, not only the installation package can be downloaded to the camera via a remote connection, but all the features of the optional camera, even when the system is already operational.

The new Vega Smart HD / 2HD APNR is the next generation of highly scalable smart cameras. Its built-in intelligence provides maximum output at extremely low system costs because all the algorithms are inside the system and provide an output ready to be interpreted by the user.

Collection of toll
Free circulation
traffic monitoring

Software Features and Performance VEGA SMART (HD); VEGA SMART (2HD)
Track detected: 2
Maximum speed of the vehicle: 250 Km / h
Working distance: up to 25 meters
99% detection
Reading> 95%
OCR: ANPR engine on board
2nd optional OCR lever
Images captured: 75 images / second
Classification: optional
Vehicle Color: VEGA SMART (HD); No ; VEGA SMART (2HD) optional
Vehicle brand: optional
Vehicle model: optional
AES256: Yes
SHA2: Yes
Compression: JPG
Streaming: VEGA SMART (HD); No; VEGA SMART (2HD): Streaming video via standard RTSP protoco

Web Server Installation and Configuration by Embedded Web Server
TCP / IP Server Configuration and Monitoring via TCP / IP Protocol (SDK Provided)
Date and time synchronization via NTP protocol, IEEE1588, GPS
Software update via web interface and SDK

Data transmission
FTP FTP Client in FTP server mode for remote data transmission; Multiple addressable IP servers
TCP / IP Tattile Open protocol TCP / IP; (SDK provided)
RS485 isolated serial port

Operating mode
Free Run Continuous processing with automatic vehicle detection, even without a plate
Capturing and processing images triggered by an Ethernet command or a digital signal

Technical Specifications VEGA SMART (HD); VEGA SMART (2HD)
ANPR camera: 5 MPX BW; 5 MPx Color (color version)
Context camera: VEGA SMART (HD); No ; VEGA SMART (2HD): 2.3 megapixel color CMOS sensor
Lighting 12 high power LEDs
Objectives: C mount. Many focal lengths available
Operating System: Linux Operating System
Digital I / O: 6 opto-isolated inputs - 4 relay outputs - 1 strobe output
Connectors: Waterproof Circular Connector
Protection: IP waterproof IP68
GigaBit Ethernet: Ethernet 10/100/1000
Storage: USB up to 128 GB; HD / SSD up to 1 TB
GPS: optional
LTE: optional
WiFi: Yes

Environment, Size, Power
Operation and storage: temperature from -40 ° to + 55 °
Operation and storage: humidity from 10% to 90% without condensation
Dimensions 290 x 127 x 235 mm (WxHxL)
Weight: 5Kg
24 Vdc supply voltage
Power consumption 50 W (max)

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