PRO-SL8 détecteur de fréquences professionnel 5G 8 Ghz

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PRO-SL8 detects the precise frequency of the hidden device (bug, wireless camera, cellular, audio, etc.). In the graph below, we have listed the frequency ranges of possible hidden devices:

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JJN digital PRO-SL8 Full Specifications:
Frequency Range: 1MHz – 8000MHz (8 GHz)
   100MHz / -42 dBm
   200MHz / -42 dBm
   500MHz / -42 dBm
   1GHz / -44 dBm
   2GHz / -46 dBm
   5GHz / -42 dBm
   8Ghz / -40 dBm
Frequency Counter: 100 Mhz to 6000MHz (6 GHz)
Demodulation Sens. for 50mW Audio: -30dBm (measured at 500MHz 50% AM 1kHz)
Audio Frequency Response: 400Hz – 5kHz +/-2dB
Signal Processing and Control: RISC Based Microcontroller
Antenna Connector: MCX Socket - 50 Ohm
Display: OLED High Contrast Graphic Display
Battery: Internal 3.7V Li-Ion rechargeable
Operating Duration: up to 6 hours
Charge Time: up to 4 hours
Dimensions: 126 mm x 65 mm x 25 mm
Weight: Main Unit 200 g
Operating Temperature Range: -15 to +50 degrees C - Relative Humidity < 90%

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