LORNET STAR detecteur de jonction non linéaire

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Offers the combination of operating options in the absorbent medium with high humidity, detection of small (less than 1 cm2) semiconductor elements and remote sensing with spatial targeted selection.

More details

The only multifunctional nonlinear detector in the world with an integrated spectrum analyzer of 2nd and 3rd harmonics and interchangeable antennas of 3 frequency bands: 800 MHz, 2400 MHz and 3600 MHz

Universal control with interchangeable antenna units and telescopic rod can easily convert the detector from detection mode to inspection mode.

Reliable SIM card detection at a distance of 15 cm (2400 MHz) and 60 cm (3600 MHz)

Set supplied
A Lornet Star control wrist
A Lornet Star telescopic rod "
2 removable rechargeable batteries (LI-ION) (3.6V)
Battery container
Battery charging adapter (220V)
Lornet Start Package can include up to 3 Interchangeable Antenna Units (UAI) from 4 options:
UAI Lornet Star 08, 800Mhz (option)
UAI Lornet Star 24, 2400Mhz (option)
UAI Lornet Star 24s, 2400Mhz with spectrum analyzer
UAI Lornet Star 36m, 3600Mhz (option)
Transport bag
Documentation (user manual, certificate)

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