S50IR torche laser infrarouge longue portée

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Invisible infrared torch 940nm long distance for night vision IL sensors, digital or IR cameras.

The Laser Imaging Illuminator provides invisible illumination at night, to help low-light sensors see in complete darkness when an infrared camera is not available. The illuminator features a variable “zoom” divergence control that allows the beam to be focused or widened, depending on the needs of the operator. The illumination is effective at ranges of up to 500 yards, depending on conditions, when used with very low light (high ISO, etc.) or JVM (Night Vision Binoculars) imagers. The laser illuminator system has been successfully deployed in mobile security and observation theaters.

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The laser illuminator is within eye-safe range at minimum beam divergence for the naked eye @ >50 meters (controlled by beam power adjustment), and the binocular-assisted eye @ >500 meters.
Picatinny mounting system


Uses non-visible spectrum laser light to illuminate targets,
undetectable invisible unlike an infrared LED projector
Pinpoint accuracy at long range
Illuminates targets from a safe distance at night
Lightweight and rugged housing provides stability and isolation from harsh environments
Based on program-proven design
Configured for mobile and stationary applications
Long range performance over 500 meters
The multifunction control board allows independent control of zoom and laser power.
Sealing IP69K
2 years warranty

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