ELIOS 500 IR Array Motorized Zom Laser Illuminator 500 meter

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Zoom 940nm (covert) long range infrared laser illuminator projector, distance up to 500 meters for cctv applications. 
Elios 940 Is light that is just outside the wavelenght of what human can see. This makes it a covert illumination option that isn't visible to the human eye but can be read by a camera sensor and converted to a clear black and white image.

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ELIOS500 long range 940 nm Laser illuminator IP66 complies with MIL0-STD-810G Standard - Made by ALLWAN SECURITY

The 500 m infrared laser light`s night vision range from 10 to 500 meters

long range illumination 500 meter
940 +/- 10 nm wavelength
Angle of vision 1 to 60 °
9600 baud communication speed
MTBF: 50000 hours
Monitoring Pelco-D RS485 interface
Focus and power adjustable

Operating temperature -10 ° to 70 °
Internal positioning memory
Intelligent Temperature Control
Sensor day / night
Photo 1/4 "20 UNC mount
DC 12V power supply
Consumption 1.25A @ 12V DC
Dimensions 112 X92 X 97 mm
Weight 1.15 Kg
Waterproof IP66

2-year warranty

Pelco 2 button remote control
Wireless remote control for On/Off function & Zoom

Applications :

■Video surveillance system

■ Automobile night vision

■ Machining vision

■ Optical curtain

■ Display applications

■ Military applications

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