IPW-PIR Mini WiFi Audio / Video Camera Long Range with Presence Detector PIR Protection and IP65 Night Vision

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IPW-PIR Mini WiFi camera 2.1mm focused lens with 160 ° wide angle, PIR presence detector up to 5 meters range, built-in microphone, remote listening mode, audio / video recording on micro SDHC card, designed for a outdoor installation, night vision, remote access, meets the IP 65 protection standard.

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The IPW-PIR-IP65 incorporates a camera and a micro SDHC card recording system.
The camera has a lens with a focal length of 2.1mm, providing a wide viewing angle of 160 °.
The recording takes place on the micro SDHC card inserted into the device (not supplied, 32GB max.).
A microphone is built in, allowing you to record audio in your videos, and also enjoy the remote listening mode.
 The remote listening mode allows you to hear what is going on at the surveillance site.
Weather resistant, its robust design allows it to withstand the weather, and thus to be installed outdoors, meeting the IP 65 protection standard (protection against dust and water jets from any direction).
It is designed with a long battery life of a capacity of 3400 mAh.
The autonomy can thus reach 90 days with 10 daily triggers.

The camera has a PIR presence detector, much more effective than motion detection by image analysis.
A PIR sensor is designed to detect moving heat sources in the surveillance zone. This thermal radiation is converted into electrical voltage, triggering the alert.
Following this alert, a push notification is sent to your mobile device, to notify you in real time of the intrusion.
 The camera has 4 infrared LEDs, allowing you to enjoy the night vision mode and film even in total darkness.
The transition from day mode (in color) to night mode (in black and white) is automatic.
With a Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n wireless interface, you can access the camera remotely from your iOs smartphone or tablet (iPad / iPhone) and Android. The P2P connection method simplifies the installation of the camera.
This will allow you to view the camera from a distance, wherever you are.
You can also configure the camera, receive alerts when motion is detected, view the history and view the recordings on the micro SDHC card.
Software is available on PC (Windows system), accessible once the device associated with your Internet router / box.
From the PC software, you will be able to view your cameras, and download the recordings on the micro SDHC card, once it connected to your computer via a memory card reader. The video files are only recoverable from this PC software, without it, the card is protected in reading. The videos have a resolution of 768 × 576 pixels.

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