AXIS F41 Main Unit WDR - Forensic Capture and HDTV 1080p for CCTV

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AXIS F41 connects to an AXIS F sensor unit and is ideal for use in very discrete surveillance applications. Equipped with a wide dynamic range (WDR). AXIS F41 supports 1080p HDTV at 50/60 frames per second, two-way audio, input / output ports. SD card slot.

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The rugged AXIS F41 main unit connects to an AXIS F sensor unit and is ideal for use in very discreet surveillance applications, such as in shops, ATMs, banks, emergency vehicles and buses . The AXIS F41 supports 1080p HDTV at 50/60 frames per second. It provides Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) - Forensic Capture, which allows a high level of detail to be seen in very bright and dark areas of a scene. Support for Axis Zipstream video compression technology decreases bandwidth and storage usage. AXIS F41 supports bidirectional audio, input / output ports, Power over Ethernet, 8–28 V DC.

Flexible installation
The AXIS F41 main unit is designed for use with an AXIS F sensor unit in extremely discreet video surveillance applications. The main unit can be installed in a sheltered area, while the sensor units can be placed in tight spaces indoors or outdoors up to 8, 12 or 15 m (26, 39 or 49 feet ), depending on the sensor unit and whether a cable accessory is supported. The robust and feature-rich AXIS F41 main unit is suitable for a variety of demanding applications, such as casinos, shops, ATMs and vehicles.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) - Capture Forensic
AXIS F41 offers WDR - Forensic Capture, which can be activated when the main unit is connected to an AXIS F sensor unit that supports this function. Axis WDR - Forensic Capture enables high detail viewing in both bright and dark areas of a scene, which is an important consideration in surveillance applications. The technology is perfectly suited for filming entrances, ATMs where the subject may be dark on a light background, or in night situations where the camera has to manage dimly lit environments with bright lights from vehicles, streetlights. The AXIS F41, combined with an AXIS F sensor unit, provides color video at light as low as 0.3 lux.

Video streaming
The AXIS F41 supports 1080p HDTV at 50 or 60 frames per second for 1080p sensors. This is ideal for capturing fast moving objects and generating smoother video. It delivers 1080p HDTV at 25 or 30 frames per second when WDR - Forensic Capture is used. For a 720p sensor, the AXIS F41 offers full frame rate 720p HDTV video.

AXIS F41 supports Axis Zipstream technology, which is a more efficient implementation of the H.264 video encoder. It can reduce bandwidth and storage usage by 50% or more on average for many monitoring scenarios. It ensures that important details are preserved while unnecessary data is deleted.p, the AXIS F41 delivers 720p HDTV video at full frame rate.

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