LOKI-SWIR PTZ Rugged HD 1280 SWIR infrared camera 30X 510mm night vision ONVIF IP67

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Key Features and Benefits
The best performing HD VIS-SWIR PTZ camera in the World!
• 1280 x 1024, 5μm pitch SWIR technology
Enables highest resolution imaging from 1μm to 1.7μm
• Enables highest SWIR detection limit
• On-board Automated Gain Control (AGC)
Enables clear video in all light conditions
• Enables highest quality photos
• Pelco-D commands
Provides full HD resolution 1080p/30
• Low power consumption

More details

Camera nocturne motorized Pan Tilt Zoom Onvif.

Sensor 1/2” Sony InGaAs Global Shutter SWIR image sensor IMX990
Resolution 1280 x 1024, 5μm pitch
Frame rate 25/30/50/60fps

Spectral response 1µm to 1.7µm

Global shutter
Optical Zoom 30X focal 17 ~510 mm
EIS: Electronic Defog, Heat Haze reduce function
IVS: Tripwire, Cross Fence Detection, Intrusion, Abandoned Object, FastMoving, Parking Detection, Crowd Gathering Estimation, Missing
Object, Loitering Detection.
Output signal: IP Onvif
Working Temperature -20°C à 60°C
Output signal SDI (Option) IP ONVIF
No initialisation at start.
Protocole of communication Pelco-D (9600bd defaut)
Alimentation 9 ~30V DC
Consommation < 11W Laser Off, 25W Laser ON
Laser range 500 metres
Wavelight 1550 nm
Dimensions : Ø358 x 270 mm

Customizable to your needs

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