NANUK 963 - Protective Case IP67 / Secure Transport

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Nanuk 938 case, IP67 waterproof hard shell and indestructible PowerClaw patented upper locks, soft grip handles and polyurethane casters for durability in tough terrain. Safely transport your audio, video, photo, outdoor equipment and more!

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NANUK 963 can store a lot of essential things. The NANUK 963 hard case offers the highest level of protection for all your professional equipment. The protective case adds wheel convenience for easy movement with your audio, video, photo, industrial, outdoor equipment and more!

Three soft-grip handles make this rolling case one of the most practical on the market. The polyurethane wheels of the NANUK 963 stand up to tough terrain, while the one-handed retractable handle offers unparalleled ease of use. No matter where you go, you are assured of a smooth ride. For total equipment protection, look no further than the NANUK 963's indestructible waterproof resin shell and the patented PowerClaw Superior Locks.
Trust the world's best protective case to transport your equipment safely.

Protective shell: Polypropylene high strength NK-7
Latches: Nylon 66
Handle: NK-7 High Impact Polypropylene | TPE
Purge valve: Nylon 66 | Gore® membrane | Silicone washers
Pins / Fasteners: 304 Stainless Steel
Seal: EPDM
Support plate: Polypropylene with high printing NK-7
Pull handle: Polycarbonate + ABS | Nylon | TPE
Wheels: Polyurethane | polycarbonate
Inside dimensions: (W x W x H) 737 mm x 457 mm x 269 mm
External dimensions: (L x W x H) 826 mm x 533 mm x 312 mm
Weight: 10.2 kg
Depth of the lid: 53 mm
Depth of the base: 216 mm
Material: NK-7 Polypropylene Lightweight Resin
Internal volume: 90.6 L
Maximum buoyancy: TBD
Min Temperature Range: -20 ° F (-29 ° C) | Max 140 ° F (60 ° C)
Diameter of padlock hole: 0.340 "
Height of the ground at the top of the handle: [2 heights possible] 36 "| 41"
Waterproof (IP67): Yes
Lifetime warranty
Counter Registration: Yes
Cabin baggage: No
Check with your airline before traveling

TA 300 - Impact test
ASTM D4169 - Rain test - vibration - free fall
Mil-std-810f - Immersion test
IP67 - Infiltration tests (dust & water).

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