Drone protection case NANUK 915DJI ™ Mavic Air Fly Plus

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NANUK 915DJI ™ Protective Case Mavic Air Fly Plus, waterproof, resistant and lightweight. Compartmentalized protection for the drone and its accessories. Patented PowerClaw. NK-7 shell for excellent shock absorption.

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Take your drone anywhere with a waterproof, durable and lightweight case. This compact multimedia case contains pre-cut foam for your DJI ™ Mavic Air Fly More. It offers compartmentalized protection for the drone and its accessories. Patented PowerClaw locks from NANUK never open unexpectedly, while the NK-7 shell offers excellent shock absorption.

Rubberized handle
Stainless steel hardware
Pressure equalization valve
Built-in recessed system
Integrated lid retention notch
PowerClaw clasp system.
Internal dimensions (L x W x H) 351 mm x 236 mm x 157 mm
External dimensions (L x W x H) 401 mm x 307 mm x 173 mm
Depth of the inner cover: 54mm
Depth of the base: 104mm
Maximum buoyancy: 15.88 kg
Light resin NK-7TM
Internal volume: 13.0 L
Maximum buoyancy: 7.7 kg
Temperature Differences -29 ° C (Min -20 ° F) | Max 140 ° F (60 ° C)
Diameter of padlock hole 0.300 "
Air standards
Lifetime conditional warranty

TA 300 - Impact test
ASTM D4169 - Rain test - vibration - free fall
Mil-std-810f - Immersion test

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