Professional NANUK 923 briefcase

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NANUK 923 Briefcase designed to protect your laptop and other electronic objects.
Patented PowerClaw locking system + reinforced padlock eyelets. Retractable spring handle. Rugged shell in NK-7 resin, shock resistant. Air standards for hand luggage.

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Elegant and incredibly rugged, the NANUK 923 features the same solid shell, patented PowerClaw locking system and waterproof design as all other Nanuk cases.
It also has some great features for transporting your personal electronics.
The rubber feet provide secure grip on all surfaces without scratching, while the two standard TSA locking latches protect your equipment while on the go. The spring handle retracts when not in use and the reinforced padlock eyelets add an extra layer of protection to your equipment. Protection has never been so beautiful.

Rubberized retractable handle
Stainless steel hardware
Pressure equalization valve
Built-in recessed system
Integrated lid retention notch
PowerClaw clasp system.
Inside dimensions (L x W x H) 422 mm x 287 mm x 137 mm
External dimensions (L x W x H) 472 mm x 366 mm x 161 mm
Weight: 2.7 kg
Depth of the lid: 46 mm
Depth of the base: 91 mm
Internal volume: 16.1 L
Maximum buoyancy: 18.1 kg
Temperature Differences -20 ° F (Min -29 ° C) | Max 140 ° F (60 ° C)
Padlock hole diameter 0.340 "
Resin NK-7 shock resistant
Air standards for hand luggage
Lifetime conditional warranty

ATA 300: Impact test
ASTM D4169: Rain test - vibration - free fall
Mil-std-810f: Immersion test
IP67: Infiltration tests (dust & water).

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