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Strobocop LED - blinding lamp / security system. Intense and blinding light that prevents the intruder. Flash intensity: 7-12 flashes / sec, irregular. Power: 12V, 36W, IP Rating IP65.

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Inferno Strobocop LED is the next generation security strobocope. Similar to a flashlight, it produces an intense and blinding light that prevents the intruder from seeing. Strobe has an irregular flicker mode that stops and disorients a person. It can be used as a standalone device, but for maximum effect, combine it with a sound barrier.

The Inferno Strobocop LED installation allows the intruder to be tricked for a few minutes that can be used between the activation of the alarm and the arrival of the security or the police, thus protecting the secure areas during this crucial period.
Designed to assist security guards in public, private or industrial settings.

Model: Inferno Strobocop LED
Flash intensity: 7-12 flashes / sec, irregular
Power: 12V, 36W
IP Rating: IP 65
Dimensions: W 225 x H 185 x D 145 mm
Weight: 1.5 kg

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