SM800P4 AT-HDPTZ PTZ Camera HeadRest

PTZ Camera Headrest for unmarked vehicles.
Integrated video camera
Designed to complement a tactical suitcase or analogue composite recorder.
360 ° Monitoring
Made by Allwan Security.

More details

Settings are easily adjustable thanks to a control console with visual display located in the trunk of the vehicle.
Set remote control via a transmission Wifi or 3G / 4G.
Protocol PELCO-D.

Set of 2 headrests: one with camera
Adjustable inclination
Allows 360 ° monitoring
STARVIS 1080p Ultra-Low Day / Night Camera
20x motorised optical zoom
The cables are hidden into one of the support tubes and then into the car seat
Adjustable tube spacing, 4 tubes included
4-meter cable
XLR5 connectivity
(1: video, 2: + 12V, 3: Mass, 4 & 5: RS485)
In black to ensure complete discretion
PELCO-D Protocol
2-year warranty
Sold separately: Interchangeable cover with choice of colour and transparency.

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