V-ZPT4 Pan and Tilt Unit

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Pan and Tilt unit for CCTV camera
DC 9 - 12V motors
Option PCB bord Pelco-D

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These unique motorized pan and tilt mechanisms are specially designed by Marshall Electronics for our line of motorized zoom pinhole lenses. They pan either back and forth, up and down (V-ZPT2), or both (V-ZPT4) at approximately 120 degree angle each axis. Recommended lenses are the motorized pinhole lenses (V-ZPL06MZ and V-ZPL1050MZ). With these lenses plus this unique mechanism, you can pan and tilt your camera and zoom in and out to a particular subject at 4-20mm (V-ZPL06MZ) or 10-50mm (V-ZPL1050MZ) range. Operates with 9-12VDC of power @ 500mA (not included) and are capable of lifting up to a 100g camera. Ideal cameras to use are C/CS-Mount B/W, color board cameras, or enclosed cameras such as the V-1055-BNC. The V-ZPT2 has 2-way movement, while the V-ZPT4 has 4-way pan and tilt. Each comes with the necessary motors with leads ready to be wired to a control source (control source not included or available). Some of its unique features are very low motor noise, compact size, and easy installation. Power supply not included.

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