HypnosSWIR57X IP HD-SDI Zoom block Camera 30X SWIR SONY IMX990 Night vision.

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SWIR technology has long been used for a vast multitude of applications because of its distinct features.

Included in these are civil and military applications (laser guiding systems, camouflage detection, surveillance, night vision, boarder monitoring, etc.).

The principle advantages of using SWIR technology in military applications is that SWIR cameras generally “see through” and image higher contrast images compared to visible through haze, mist, rain, fog and challenging atmospheric conditions. This paper demonstrates visibility to 35 KM through the thick haze of North Eastern Taiwan and explains the potential for seeing even further.

from a military standpoint, SWIR is invisible to the human eye enabling covert operation. It is therefore a good choice for targeting with laser designators between 1060 nm and 1550 nm. These laser designators also have the advantage that they are eye-safe to very high powers.

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Good surveillance operations rely on robust equipment that can handle any environmental conditions. This is why government and private services worldwide are turning to SWIR technology for naval, air and ground security.

This camera can be supported by a SWIR laser illuminator (Elios-Swir) in order to identify a target several hundred meters away.

> 1/2” (1/4”) Sony InGaAs Global Shutter SWIR image sensor IMX990(IMX991)
> Powerful 30x optical zoom (17~510mm)
>Response wavelight 1000~1700nm
> Max. 1.3MP (1280x1024) Resolution
> Support ICR switch for Wideband and Narrowband
> Support EIS, Electronic Defog, Heat Haze reduce function
> Support 16x digital zoom
> Support network and LVDS dual output
> Support LVDS digital video output synchronously, could convert to HD-SDI output.

Sensor 1/2” (1/4”) SONY InGaAs Global Shutter SWIR image sensor IMX990(IMX991)
Lens 30x optical zoom (17~510mm) 16x digital zoom
Operture F2.8~F5.5
viewing angle H: 21.3°~0.71°, V: 17.1°~0.57°, D: 27.1°~0.92°
Spectrale response 1000~1700nm
Resolution 1.3MP (1280x1024)
Shutter Speed 1/1~1/30000s
Focus mode Auto/Manual/Semi Auto
Support ICR 2 modes: Large bande 1000~1700nm & narrow band 1450# 1750nm
Support EIS, Electronic Defog, Heat Haze reduce function
IVS oui
Motion detection
Support dual output avalable IP and/or LVDS
Storage mor than 256GB
Protocol Onvif, HTTP, HTTPS, IPv4, IPv6, RTSP, DDNS, RTP, TCP, UDP
Output option HD-SDi / CVBS
Working temperature -40~+70°C
Alimentation 12V DC
Consumption Avg: 6W; Max: 11W
Dimensions 350 x 130x130 mm

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