LTL-651MG-LTL-651WMG Camera faune 4G Advanced

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4G LTL-6511MG Hunting Camera
Double PIR motion sensor.
Sending photos and videos in real size.
Continuous shooting with an interval of one second.
SMS remote control, supports the modification of camera settings.
Extremely long standby time of up to 3 years
USB C TYPE jack for connecting an external control box.

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The new 4G Ltl Acorn® 6511WMG-4G Hunting Camera offers extremely long standby time of up to 3 years (!) Thanks to the use of 6 18650 high-capacity Li-Ion rechargeable batteries. Now, the flush camera works as long as the TV remote control: you insert batteries and you forget them.
The new patented dual PIR motion sensor reduces the number of false and missed alarms.
The function of sending photos and videos in full size allows you not to visit the hunting camera, as long as the batteriesare not exhausted.
Full size photos and videos can be sent in 3 ways:
immediately after shooting. The 4G Ltl Acorn Hunting Camera sends a 1.5MB image in 1 minute, a 9.2MB video in 3 minutes upon request from the SMS user. When a usual low-resolution image is received by the user, the user may request the corresponding real-size photo or video with an SMS command, if necessary. It is very convenient to use Ltl Hunting Camera Tool for this.
once a day at a specific time, when the tracking camera sends all real size photos and videos not sent. This method of sending saves a lot of battery.

High quality image with a resolution of 12MP.
True high definition video of 1440x1080 with audio recording, H.264 format.
With the USB C TYPE jack, you can connect an external control box with 2.4 "TFT color LCD display, easy setup, preview, photo and video playback.
With the 4G LTE wireless transmission module, download speeds can reach 50 Mbps. With the patented technology can be completed in 1 to 2 minutes to send 1M BYTE photo files (on the best network conditions and the appropriate sending protocol).
Captured files are sent to the phone, mailbox or FTP via MMS, mail or FTP via the 4G wireless network. The size of a photo or video file with a single shot can be up to 10M, while the video size of more than 10M will be automatically split into a multi-segment file of less than 10M to record and to send.
The SMS remote control supports changing camera settings, remote camera triggering, and camera control to return a full size image by sending an SMS command.
FTP download function, the camera uploads the file to the designated FTP after shooting, users can upload the photo or video from FTP.
The centralized sending function, when the set time is reached, the camera sends all the photos or videos taken in the day at a time. This can greatly save energy consumption.
Wide-angle LTL-6511W series products with 100-degree wide-angle wide-angle lens for wider shooting range.
Cam + Video mode allows the camera to take photos and videos with each shot.
Continuous shooting with an interval of one second.
Optionally equipped with 42 940 nm LED lights for excellent night vision.
Ultra-long standby time: over 3 years with 4 AA alkaline batteries and 6 18650 lithium batteries in the battery compartment.
Operating temperature: -45 - + 70
Waterproof case: IP66.
Patented pyroelectric infrared sensor dual power dual power, the camera detects animals in advance in two stages, then fires quickly, the standby current is about 60uA, making it the pioneer of the industry.
Fast trigger speed (0.8s).
On request, two high-precision timers allow the camera to operate for two specified periods.
Set an ID for the camera. The file name prefix can be the same as the identifier, which makes it easier to classify photos from a different location.
The date, time, temperature and moon phase can be indicated on the timestamp of the photo.
Password protected to prevent unauthorized operation.
Flexible settings selection: Camera configuration settings and 4G data on a PC configuration, Android mobile application or Apple IOS.
Optional memory overwrite function: Automatically delete the first images or videos to make room for new recordings.
The security box is optional for purchase.
Support to fix by tripod.

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