LTL-6511MG Ltl Acorn Advanced Wildlife Camera

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LTL-6511MG Camera “Cam + Video” Mode. The camera takes photos and videos at each triggering event. Day / Night operating mode PIR sensor and infrared night vision LED. Detection of sudden change in ambient temperature. Flash range from 850nm up to 25 meters, low radiation from 940nm up to 20 meters.

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he Ltl-6511MG@Ltl-6511WMG Advance is the third generation of 6511 series scouting camera. With its highly sensitive Pyroelectric Infrared Radial (PIR) sensor the camera detects the sudden change of ambient temperature caused by moving game in a region of interest (ROI), triggered to take pictures/videos.
Ltl-6511WMC & LTL-6511WMG with FOV (field of view) of 100 degrees.
Infrared night vision LEDs 850nm flash range as far as 25m, low-glow 940nm 20m.
In “Cam + Video” mode, camera takes both pictures and video at every trigger event.
LTL ACORN unique two horizontal PIR sensing angle comes up with a 100° angle , makes our camera activated in advance and gets ready to shoot, this split-second process could be short as 0.2 seconds.
The design of two horizontal Pyroelectric Infrared Radial (PIR) Sensors improves accuracy on shooting, reduce false trigger.

5 megapixel CMOS color image sensor
Max. Pixel size 2560x1920
FOV of the lens = 100 °; Automatic IR-Cut
IR flash 65 feet / 20 meters
48 x 35.69mm (2.36 ") LCD display; 480 (RGB) * 234DOT; 16.7M colors
6-key control keypad
SD Memory Card (8 MB ~ 16 GB)
Image size 5MP / 12MP / 1.3MP = 2560X1920 / 4000X3000 / 1280X960;
Video size 640x480,320x240; 30fps; 1280x720; 20fps
PIR Sensitivity High / Normal / Low
Detection distance PIR 65 ft / 20m (Below 77 ° F / 25 ° C at normal level
Preparation PIR detection angle The left and right light beams form an angle of 100 °; Each lens covers 10 °
35 ° PIR main detection angle
Mode of operation Day / Night
Trigger time 0.6 seconds (when using SD card 2G)
Trigger interval 0sec. - 60 minutes; programmable
Shooting Numbers 1 ~ 3
Duration of the video 1-60s .; programmable
Camera + video First take a picture then a video
Reading zoom between 1 and 16 times
Timestamp enabled / disabled; Include serial number, temperature and phase of the moon
On / Off timer; timer
4-digit password
Serial number of the device: 4 digits and 26 alphabets defined by you
The periodic shooting time is from 1 second to 24 hours
MMS VGA image size; Programmable OFF
MMS numbers 1 ~ 99 / Day: No limit: Programmable
Mobile number 1 ~ 3
E-mail 0 ~ 1, programmable
Sending SMS alert by low battery "Low battery"
Time passing 1 second ~ 24 hours
4xAA power supply; Expandable to 8xAA (with extra battery box)
External DC Power Plug Size: 4.0x1.76 ~ 12V (1 ~ 2A)
Standby current 0.4mA
Waiting time 3 ~ 6 months (4xAA 8xAA
Auto power off Auto power off in 2 minutes without keyboard control
Power consumption 150mA (+ 650Ma when the IR LED lights up)
Low battery alarm 4.2 ~ 4.3V
Interface TV output (NTSC); USB; SD card slot; 6V external DC
Mounting strap; Nail Tripod
IP54 waterproof
Operating temperature -22 ~ + 158 ° F / -30 ~ + 70 ° C
Operating humidity 5% ~ 95%
FCC & CE & RoHS Certificate

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