PV-1000 EVO3 Full HD Wi-Fi / IP 5-inch DVR with 1TB hard drive

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PV-1000 EVO3 is a Wi-Fi DVR 5 inch TFT LCD touchscreen. Support for SATA hard disk and 1 TB SD card. Recording resolution up to 1080p. Built-in 4400ma BA-4400 battery Several resolutions and adjustable FPS. Standard recording mode and motion detection.

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PV-1000 EVO3 is the new Wi-Fi DVR with a 5-inch TFT LCD touch screen and a 1TB SATA hard drive with SD card. available in Full HD 1080P. The Wi-Fi / IP PV / 1000 EVO3 DVR can be connected to your Wi-Fi router and provides live monitoring of power from all over the world with Internet access on your smartphone!
It offers dual A / V audio output for analog cameras (BU-19) with 5V and 12V. It also offers the digital camera option with the new reinforced locking DIN plug (military standard). And for all those who work in the media, it also has the HDMI TV output option. The DVR is Wi-Fi enabled, which allows you to download the PV Cam app to your smartphone and watch live or download video and snapshots, as well as change device settings via your smartphone. The recording modes are standard detection and motion detection. The PV-1000 EVO3 supports NTSC (720 * 480 @ 30 FPS) and PAL (720 * 576 @ 25 FPS) standards. In addition to the built-in 1 TB memory, you have the 32 GB SD card that can go up to 128 GB if you format the card in FAT 32 exFAT format.

Wi-Fi / IP enabled
Built-in support for SATA hard disk and 1 TB SD card
Has a 5 inch 800 * 480 color TFT LCD screen
Recording resolution up to 1080p
Analog camera support powered by 5V and 12V
Compatible with the CMD-BU20LX digital camera
Compatible with analog camera BU-19
Built-in 4400ma BA-4400 battery
Several resolutions and adjustable FPS: @ 25 PAL and @ 30FPS NTSC
Standard recording mode and motion detection.

Model: PV-1000 EVO3
Display: TFT color LCD 5 "RGB 800 * 480, G sensor LCD screen
The touch screen: capacitive touch screen
Algorithm: H.264, JPEG
File Format: Mp4
Video Input: 1080P BT 656 Digital Camera Signal Input
Automatic detection NTSC / PAL (2.5)
Automatic detection NTSC / PAL (3.5)
Video recording mode: standard mode / motion detection
Max. Resolution: 1080P (1920 * 1080)
Frame rate: 30 frames per second and 25 frames per second
Memory Type: 2.5 "1 TB SATA hard drive and SD card built-in (Supports up to 32 GB / 128 GB (FAT 32 exFAT))
DC5V to camera: DC5V 250mA Max (overcurrent protection)
DC12V to the camera: DC12 V 150mA Max (overcurrent protection)
HDMI output: HDMI image output
PC interface: USB 2.0
Image quality (bit rate): Standard 720 * 576 at 25 frames per second (PAL) 720 * 480 at 30 frames per second (NTSC), 1080p (12 Mbps)
Wi-Fi: Built-in Wi-Fi module / 802.11B / G / N. Supports WPA2-PSK encryption
RF Remote: Support
Table Date / Time: YYYY / MM / DD (America), HH, MM, SS (UK)
Image counter buffer: Yes
Power Consumption: Recording: 1.5A (Wi-Fi disabled)
Charging current: 1.5A
Battery Type: 3.7V / 4400mA Lithium Battery DC
Battery life: 170 min (BU-19 PAL 5V) / 120 min (BU-19 12V) / 120 min (CMD-BU20LX) for hard disk.

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