PV-500 ECO2 Touch Screen Analog DVR

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PV-500 ECO2 Touch Screen Analog DVR
Supports dual analog camera
Frame rate up to 30 frames per second
Data protection by password
The device protects your saved files
Data interface on mini USB 2.0
Lithium battery 3.7 V / 2100 mA
240 minutes charging time

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The PV-500 ECO2 DVR is an improved version of the previous PV-500 ECO model. It comes with a dual analog camera input that will work with your existing cameras. One of these cameras is the bestseller BU-19, with a 2.5mm input and a 5V DC output. However, the DVR also offers a 3.55mm input and a 12V DC output (optional). It will work with all CCD and CMOS cameras and includes RCA input cables. The DVR supports NTSC and PAL standards. Reactive touch screen - the PV-500ECO is in the range of predecessors PV-500L3 and PV-500ECO. It has a touch screen with easy-to-use menu: settings, preview, recording modes, etc.

The PV-500 ECO2 offers 720P HD recording resolution and multiple recording modes; Normal and Motion detection modes. It also offers the timestamp (optional). It comes with a 16GB SD card and supports up to 32GB. If the FAT32 format is formatted, it can accept SD cards up to 128GB.With the BA-2200 included, it offers 3 hours of recordings. You can always upgrade it with the BA-4400 and have up to 7 hours of recording.

The DVR comes with an AC adapter and a wall charger. However, you can also charge the included and optional batteries with the BCM-DUO1. This DVR also offers to cut your video files in lengths of 3, 5 and 10 minutes, which allows you to easily sort the content. It includes all common accessories, including infrared remote control and cable controller for additional operating methods.

Small and light with D1 video quality
With 3 "LCD touch screen on an entry-level DVR
Compatible with 5V and 12V analog cameras
Compatible with analog camera BU-19 5V
Compatible with CM-BU18 analog camera
Supports Law CMate CMOS and CCD analog cameras such as HB-19
Multiple recording modes: Normal detection / motion
Sound recording on / off
Capable of taking a screenshot on preview and video playback
Date and time on the video - optional
Mini USB connection, memory card storage
Compatible with BA-2200 and BA-4400 batteries
Can be charged with the BCM-DUO1 Dual Charger.

Model: PV500 ECO2
LCD: 3.0 "960 * 480 TOUCH TFT
Algorithm: MPEG4, JPEG
File Format: AVI, JPG
Video Recording Mode: Normal / Motion Detection /
Recording capacity: 720x576 and 720x480
Frame rate: up to 30 frames per second (720x480) up to 25 frames per second (720x576)
Memory Type: Micro SD Card (Support SDHC 32 GB max.)
Data interface: Mini USB 2.0
DC 5V Output: 2.5mm AV Input Jack
12V DC output: 3.5mm audio-video input jack
A / V output: A / V cable (standard TV output and NTSC / PAL audio output)
Disguised mode: standby, power off
Date / Time Table: YYYY.MM.DD, HH, MM, SS
Snapshot: snapshot during preview and video playback
Absorbed power: DC5V
Power Consumption: 200mA-490mA
Battery Input: 3.7V / 2100mA Lithium Battery DC
Charging time: 240min (700mA)

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