Illuminateur Projecteur Infrarouge Raymax 150 Panoramic Ultra

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The new RAYMAX Ultra panoramic lights represent the latest development in ultra-wide 180 ° lighting, for flawless CCTV images and in full scene at night. Longer light and illumination with distances up to 150m, 180 ° coverage. Perfect for wide angle, PTZ, dome surveillance cameras.

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A single illuminator provides 180 ° coverage at distances up to 150m (492ft) and 360 ° coverage with just two units - perfect for wide-angle, PTZ, multi-sensor or 360 dome cameras ° covering large areas.

Model: RAYMAX 150 Panoramic Ultra
Type: Projector / Illuminator
Max distance: 170m
Max angle and distance: 60 x5 ° -170m; 180 x 5 ° -100m
Power supply: Universal 100-230V AC
Beam Shape: Illuminated Elliptical with HRT (Hot Spot Reduction Technology)
Power Consumption: 105W
Optic: LED Platinum Elite SMT
Number of LEDs: 48
Wavelength: 850 nm; 940 nm (optional)
IP protection index: IP66
Temperature range: -50 ° to +50 ° C
Black color
Dimensions: 314 x 135 x 55 mm
Weight: 3.75 kg

Further information
Adjustable power
Telemetry input
Output controlled by photocell

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