Raytec RAYMAX 300 panoramic infrared lighting Ultra Wide IP projector

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IR Projector RayMax 300 represents the latest generation of infrared illuminators. Adjustment of the projection angle of light from 60 to 180 ° according to specific security needs and the field of view of a camera. Surface mount LEDs to provide outstanding performance. Adjustable output power, adjustable photocell and telemetry control.

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The Raytec RAYMAX 300 Series Black Panoramic Projector offers much better light distribution and longer illumination distances, making it suitable for wide-angle, PTZ or 360 ° dome cameras that cover large areas. It uses holographic lens technology to diffuse and control light, creating a smoother and more even distribution. It also features Hot Spot Reduction (HRT) technology, which directs light to where it's needed most to not only provide longer illumination distances and minimize light waste, but also to provide greater light. full scene coverage with no hot spots caused by overexposure.

The illuminator is designed to offer a 10 year life and no maintenance. Adaptive lighting allows installers to adjust the light projection angle from 60 ° to 180 ° according to specific security needs and a camera's field of view. It includes active LED life control which controls the LED output during the life cycle of the illuminator. It also incorporates surface mount LED technology to deliver outstanding performance. The illuminator includes a power supply with adjustable output power, an adjustable photocell, and a telemetry control.

Model: RAYMAX 300 Panoramic Ultra
Type: Projector / Illuminator
Max distance: 260m
Max angle and distance: 60 x5 ° -260m; 180 x 5 ° -150m
Power supply: Universal 100-230V AC
Beam Shape: Illuminated Elliptical with HRT (Hot Spot Reduction Technology)
Power Consumption: 165W
Optic: LED Platinum Elite SMT
Number of LEDs: 72
Wavelength: 850 nm; 940 nm (optional)
IP protection index: IP66
Temperature range: -50 ° to +50 ° C
Black color
Dimensions: 420 x 195 x 66 mm
Weight: 6kg

Further information
Adjustable power
Telemetry input
Output controlled by photocell

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