AW-HR140 Full HD Outdoor HD PTZ Camera

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3MOS sensor with 20x optical zoom (plus extension). Neutral filters (clear ND, 1/4, 1/8, 1/64). 1080 / 50p format (2 x 3G-SDI outputs). Intelligent function, mist reduction, night mode. PoE + support. IP orders and streaming. Compatibility with Panasonic remote management systems.

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Exceptional image quality:
The new AW-HR140 is a PTZ motorized camera that includes an outer case, a camera, a lens and a robotic head. It is equipped with the same digital signal processor (DSP) and the same 3MOS Full HD sensors type 1 / 2,86 as the model AW-HE130. It offers high sensitivity, excellent signal-to-noise ratio and high resolution thanks to its advanced video processing. The HR140 camera maintains a stable shooting performance in the toughest conditions and is compatible with various outdoor environments and applications.
In addition to a sharp and fast 20 x F1.6 optical zoom, the model is equipped with an innovative 1.4x digital zoom to increase the effective focal length of the lens by 40% while providing high-resolution, smooth video .

Designed for outdoor use:
It offers resistance to wind and all associated functions to ensure operation against winds up to 15 m / s. Basic performance is maintained up to 50 m / s winds without damaging the camera. Aluminum parts and other metal parts are protected by a coating to prevent severe salt damage to allow installation in coastal areas subject to iodized air. The camera is also coated with resins giving it excellent heat resistance.

A defroster prevents icing of the glass to minimum
temperatures exceeding -15ºC (5 ° F). Even in blizzard, the snow settling on the glass surface is immediately melted to maintain the best visibility. As it can be difficult to combat lens clogging in harsh environments, the HR140 includes a windshield wiper.

Special functions.
Mist reduction function: reduces haze in the image and makes it easier to see subjects with low contrast. The intensity of the effect can be adjusted manually according to the thickness of the fog.

The dynamic range can be increased by compressing the image signal for extremely bright areas that are overexposed during normal shooting while preserving contrast.

Hybrid DNR:
Two types of noise reduction, 2D and 3D, are used together to ensure image clarity in a wide variety persistence or degradation of the image
Smart function: automatic correction of tones and color temperatures according to changes in the outdoor environment. This function automatically controls white balance, gain, iris, shutter and ND filter

Night mode:
Used with optional IR illumination, the camera can offer high quality monochrome video, even in total darkness

Variety of video formats:
The camera supports multiple output formats required for specialized applications, including 1080 / 50p, 1080 / 50i, 1080 / 25p and 720 / 50p formats. Remote controlled shooting can now be more easily achieved for particular uses such as television production and scientific research. The camera has two 3G-SDI compatible outputs and a Genlock input. It also supports LINE audio input (2 channels).

IP connectivity:
Flexible IP control architecture simplifies system design and allows control of up to 100 cameras per IP from a single Panasonic console. The camera has image compression and IP transmission capabilities of up to 50 fps, allowing up to 4 video streams of varying quality to be transmitted.
It is possible to set up and control the camera remotely through an IP browser such as Internet Explorer or Safari. This feature makes it easier to manage cameras distributed across campus or across a company's global network. IP video surveillance and remote camera control can also be performed from mobile devices such as an iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

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